corporate styling


corporate styling –  $295 / 3 hrs

$90 p/h thereafter

Your solution to -  ‘I want to improve my image 

Here’s how it works . . .

Your corporate styling session includes:

  • a pre-appointment phone consultation (let get to know each other before we meet)
  • in-depth and honest style advice from Sarah Singer .(I’ll give you the benefit of my background in recruitment consultancy and corporate image development).
  • guidance on building a corporate wardrobe, business makeup,  personal brand & image development and improving self-confidence 
  • developing a corporate style that reflects who you are and who you want to be (let’s talk goals & aspirations and let me help you reach them)
  • Shopping (let’s have fun creating the ‘wow’)
  • a post-appointment summary of all the ideas and info (lots to talk about, so a great memory jog)
  • ongoing SMS/email styling advice (ideal for Monday morning wardrobe dilemmas)


You’ll learn how to…

  • dress for success
  • develop a strong personal image and style, whilst staying true to the real ‘you’
  • stamp individuality onto your look whilst still looking corporate
  • create a timeless, corporate style that gets you noticed
  • select your go-to labels and most flattering styles & colours
  • mix & match your business wardrobe
  • keep your look up-to-date
  • nail casual Fridays with style and flair
  • take your outfit from day to night

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 feel positive – be confident – look great