wardrobe remedy


wardrobe remedy – $295 / 3 hrs

$90 p/h thereafter

Your solution to – ‘I’ve a wardrobe of clothes, but always end up wearing the same thing ’

Here’s how it works . . .

Your Wardrobe Remedy includes:

  • a pre-appointment phone consultation (you and I get know to each other)
  • in-depth and honest style advice from Sarah Singer . (go on, you can read all about me…) We kick off our session by chatting all things you – your personality, lifestyle, needs and goals. We’ll talk image and style – what it is and what you want it to be.
  • going through your wardrobe with you  (I’ll assess clothes, shoes, accessories….no stone will be unturned)
  • showing you which clothes work and which clothes don’t (we’ll sort them into ‘you-can-stay’ and ‘you-must-go’)
  • creating new outfit combinations from your clothes (let’s make the most of what’s already in your wardrobe)
  • organising your wardrobe (so it’s easy to use)
  • a post-appointment ‘look-book’ (a guide to all those new style combinations we create from your wardrobe)
  • ongoing SMS/email styling advice (I’m always here should you have any questions)

You’ll learn how to…

  • make the most from the clothes hanging in your wardrobe
  • adapt outfits to give you heaps of different looks
  • turn old clothes into new outfits
  • identify your clothing gaps
  • improve your personal image and style, whilst still staying true to the real ‘you’
  • choose the most flattering styles, fabrics and colours
  • organise your wardrobe so it’s so easy to use 

Just thinking about your wardrobe makes you quiver? Call me on 0422 033 071 or drop me an email info@dressyu.com.au and you can tell me all about it


feel positive – be confident – look great