Hey Sarah.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you. I was very happy with the clothes that you chose for me to wear and I'm already looking forward to wearing them all. I have already worn some of the clothes and must say, many people have noticed and complimented. Very happy to say the least! Am really impressed with the whole styling experience.

I will definitely drop you a message if I do get stuck with matching some of my existing clothes with my new clothes. Thank you for that.

Again, thank you and I will definitely recommend you to others.

Sarah was a delight to work with! She was able to pick out items that I would have usually overlooked, which has set me on a new direction with my wardrobe and my overall look. We focussed on both weekend and workwear, and clothes that were able to transition from work to evening. I felt totally comfortable with Sarah and had complete trust in her recommendations. I've since received quite a number of compliments on the items I purchased, and more importantly, I love my new look! Sarah comes with my highest recommendation!

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help, and for such a fun day last Thursday week. I have worn at least one new item every day since - that's 11 days and it has been so nice to feel fresh, and not old and daggy!!

The Gorman top has been fantastic. I've worn it to work with the pencil black skirt & was told I looked "classy". It also worked great with the skirt and whole Gorman outfit for church.

So just wanted to say thanks again for all your help. I feel I have a good idea of the additional things I still need now to fill some gaps, and have a good foundation to build on.

So thank you!!

Will be in touch again sometime. All the very best,

Thanks so much for your email, and pics after our Wardrobe session, much appreciated.

I definitely needed some honest wardrobe appraisal (and some encouragement to throw things away - this keeping everything business just has to stop!). I hit the clothes piles hard after you left and managed to get everything squared away within an hour. One pile for Fit for Work, one for donations, one for eBay and one for the tailor.

I'm glad the work wardrobe is on the mark - will definitely be revisiting it once the weather warms up, make sure I am keeping this theme going. I'm far less confident with the casual side of things, but my boss has given me the challenge of debuting a new casual look at our team away-day next week!

I would definitely like to do a shop with you for some summer things in October - denim mini skirt and fresh tops (with some variety!) are high on the list, and probably another pair of slim fit casual pants (like the khaki ones i have) and a hat or two. Very keen to try to add some new brands / shops to my list.

Thanks so much for your suggestions and encouragement - I do appreciate it.

My first styling experience with Sarah was a blast! I found her online, sent off an email and crossed my fingers. I was a bit anxious about the day and having someone who didn't know me choose clothes for me. I was worried about rejecting unwanted clothes and having to deal with the pressure of Sarah not knowing me as a person or what I did/didn't like. Prior to our meet up Sarah got to know me via emails, a phone call and questionnaire. I met her just before we went shopping, we had a chat and started our day. The moment Sarah started picking clothes from racks I knew she was the one for me! Sarah made the entire experience fun and stress free. I felt like I was shopping with my best friend or my mum, someone who knew me and wanted the best me they could find. I got home after an exhausting day of trying on outfits and was so excited to show off my new clothes. I got nothing but fabulous comments and continue to enjoy all my pieces to this day. I can't wait till my next shop with Sarah and can't stop recommending her to people! Thanks for all my awesome clothes and such a fantastic experience."

All the events went well - the graduation and the two weddings and everyone loved the dress! I can't thank you enough! Look forward to being in touch sometime for another shop :)

My friend and I had the ultimate girls day shopping with Sarah. We booked her from NZ to ensure we got her for our Melbourne shopping trip and she did not disappoint! Sarah truly knows her stuff, from what's on trend, to your body shape and all the hot spots to shop at. You come away with unique pieces that are true to your style! Sarah makes the day out absolutely perfect and I could not recommend her enough. I've used her twice now and will certainly be back for more! Thank you so much Sarah!!!!

Just wanted to say thank you again for such a wonderful and enjoyable shopping experience yesterday. Your efficiency and eye for what suits people is amazing and the tips I learned from you are priceless. I no longer feel overwhelmed at the thought of hitting the shops! I am so pleased with my new purchases and absolutely love them all. I feel like a new woman!!!

Thank you Sarah!

Just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday. You pushed me to try on things I never imagined I could wear. I'm going back to get that dress today - I fell in love with it and the colour is amazing!

Thanks again.

Just a little note to say a big thank you for our shop last Friday. You are lovely and extremely good at what you do. I was very impressed with your efficiency and I don't think it's always easy to understand what someone wants (perhaps when the person doesn't even really know, like me!) and to fine tune it over a short shop, but you did it! I love everything I came home with.

I actually had to pop up to Southland to get something on Sunday and was itching to have a look through some of the brands you showed me (but was with my 4yo, so had limited time!) and I can already see that even after our one shop that shopping will be a lot easier for me just knowing what brands to give a try first and also to realise that maybe a little more patience and persistence is required to find things that are right.

Wishing you a happy year ahead and I hope we can have another shop together in the not too distant future (I'm thinking Winter warbrobe!?.....)

All the best and thanks again.

I am really grateful to have had the opportunity to spend four hours shopping at Chadstone with Sarah this week. She knew exactly the right shops and brands that would help me achieve the look I was going for! It was such a relief to have someone with me who could identify what pieces would work for me - something I have always struggled with. My new outfits make me smile and I will wear them with confidence. Thanks Sarah!

Thanks Sarah for the fantastic help. I had one morning to seriously update my work wardrobe, and you listened and prepared the morning so well that we didn't waste any time. We focussed on the shops that were most likely to have what I needed, but you added in some extras that took me in new directions as well, which was great. The morning was really relaxed and enjoyable, much more so than my usual shopping trips! I really appreciated your honest and direct advice which meant that every piece I ended up with I am happy about. And you gave me lots of advice about shoes and extras and things to look out for next time. Everything works together really well, and I am really really enjoying opening my wardrobe every morning and taking my pick out of outfits that I love, rather than scrambling to put together something that will 'do'.

Thank you so much for all your styling advice during our shopping trip. The clothes which were bought for my daughter were perfect and she is really enjoying wearing them. Shopping is normally stressful so it was lovely to have such an enjoyable trip this time. We really appreciate your valuable and professional advice about what type of clothes work best. She feels a lot more confident now. This was such a worthwhile birthday experience and I would not hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs help with their wardrobe.

Thanks again,

I highly recommend Sarah for anyone who isn't confident about fashion or needs some help revamping their wardrobe. I spent 5 hours with her on a Sunday at Chadstone and we managed to pretty much buy an entire new closet for me that I absolutely love. She opened my eyes to:

  • the styles that suit my body type (surprise surprise, I had been buying the completely wrong things!)
  • a whole range of new colours that I never would have even thought of buying but that look great on
  • plenty of new shops and brands that I had never tried
  • how to wear jewellery to lift an outfit

She is very thoughtful in keeping track of what you've already purchased so you end up with a wardrobe that is very complimentary and that can be mixed and matched. I also love the way she works to build you staple items that are versatile and will last through the seasons. I am really enjoying my new wardrobe and feel much more confident now about going out and shopping on my own. I have a much better understanding of how to shop holistically with a view to my wardrobe as a whole rather than just buying random items that don't really go together.

She is also a lovely lady and I felt very comfortable shopping with her. It was great fun and I just wish I could do it more often now!

Can I thank you enough - I don't think so - I came home today with the basis of a "grown up" wardrobe and a really good sense of what I can now achieve - I came home and cleared out some more stuff and there will be more in the future as I continue to refine but I feel I am on the right track. I have attached a couple of photos of my achievements this afternoon - camp wardrobe gone - bedroom feels huge now ha ha - everything in one place at last - I cannot thank you enough - I will refer my friends and I may call on you again if I get lost xxxx

I was treated with five magnificent hours with Sarah.

Honestly I was slightly apprehensive and nervous prior to the day not knowing what to except - but it wasn't before long that Sarah came into my home and started chatting that I felt instantly at ease.
We started going through my wardrobe where we eliminated a lot of clothing that I literally hadn't worn for years or were totally unsuitable.
It was such fun - we had a good laugh and I felt like a teenager trying on so many clothes and then throwing them onto a heap on the floor

We then headed out to a shopping centre where we spent a few hours going into the shops I normally went to and also others which Sarah suggested which she thought would have suitable clothing for me.
I learnt to experiment with different colors, dress a little trendier for my age and the importance of accessories in terms of necklaces and nail polishes.
For me my body shape is always an issue and we chose suitable styles which we thought could work.

As for Sarah, she is just beautiful both inside and out. Their wasn't a second where I felt uncomfortable with her. She is warm, honest and her follow up with such a detailed email after the appointment was a huge bonus.

Thanks Sarah - there are not many times I open up my wardrobe without thinking of you. Had the best experience ever!

Hi Sarah,

I talked to Cassie last night & she showed me the clothes you selected for her plus all the tips you gave. Cass said if she could afford to have you go with her every time she had to shop for clothes she would. She was extremely impressed with your knowledge & you yourself. It sounds like you got on really well together so I say thank you for all the help. Cassie is very special to us so it makes us happy to think we chose well in deciding on you to help style her. Hopefully in the future Cass can use you again.

Hi Sarah! Thank you for the detailed follow up letter. I really did enjoy last Friday and have taken a lot on board. I have had a little look at my clothes and as I have a fairly free day to myself today I am planning on going through cupboards with a different eye and keeping in mind your suggestions.....especially necklaces and scarves. Yes, the shoes arrived promptly yesterday and are perfectly matched.

Sarah, one thing that I really noticed was that way you chose sizes for me. I have found 2 jackets I forgot about but both are size 10 so you can imagine that the shoulders are too wide and I can see how the fit makes such a difference.

I appreciate your advice and have printed off your email to keep in my bag!

I think we will be meeting again!

Just wanted to say a big thank you to you for your time and wonderful ideas for my wardrobe.
I love the looks you created and have already worn my Saba cardigan scarf and my Decuba Vest. Rockin' it ! :)
You've given me a lot of confidence to look outside the square.
Have a great day and I'll be in touch again.

I was a little apprehensive about going shopping with someone that actually had style. Intimidating, unnerving and embarrassing are all words that came to mind. I didn't even know what to wear to "go shopping in" on the day. Thank god for Sarah!

From the get go, Sarah managed to make me feel so incredibly comfortable. As a mum of two, I had forgotten how dress in anything that took more the 30 seconds to put on and wasn't black. The initial phone call with her was so comforting. 10 minutes on the phone put my anxiousness to rest and got those excited butterflies working! We were ready to make a new me!

After spending 3 hours with Sarah, I came out with so many outfits that I can mix and match then I ever thought possible. Simple yet stylish pants, shirts, tops, shoes, jackets, scarfs and a few pieces of jewellery. Although the staples were black (which I was very comfortable with), Sarah taught me how to put colour with them to brighten up my cool new look. We even got new lipstick and nail polish. This women knows how to shop!

I will be heading back to dressyu come change of season, as the new me has just been unleashed.

Thank you so much Sarah, a day I will never forget!

My experience shopping with Sarah was fantastic. Her background in HR and recruitment was an added bonus, she understood the corporate image I was hoping to create straight away. After a quick chat to confirm what I was aiming for, we hit the shops. She was honest and completely independent. She made sure that not only the pieces I purchased suited me but also that they complemented other pieces we brought or that I had in the wardrobe already. She inspired me to think seriously about my image and the messages I want to send.
Sarah was professional and an inspiration not only on the day, but the time I spent with her added a lot of ongoing value to my professional career. I would highly recommend Sarah, she will get your look sorted in no time.
Thanks Sarah

Hi Sarah! Just wanted to thank you for a great day at Highpoint last week. I have really enjoyed wearing my new clothes and have found it so easy to mix and match them, which is exactly what I wanted. I must admit the shopping didn’t stop when we parted as I went on to buy those Levi jeans you mentioned and new shoes.  I am so thankful that you pushed me beyond the style and colours I usually wear AND I have had so many positive comments.
I will definitely see you again in the future
best wishes Kerry

I feel so privileged to have met Sarah and have the experience that women usually only dream about!
Let me first tell you a little about myself. 57 year old with plenty of bulges that I battle with on a daily basis. I love looking smart and wearing clothes that flatter me.
First and foremost Sarah comes to your home and looks through your cupboards. It is such a treat to be told that your stuff is either great and can be enhanced or that you need to get rid of it! Being who I am, the things I was told to discard were immediately given away….
Then came the best part, shopping with Sarah. She has telescopic eyes and vision. She knows exactly what suits with which outfit, even down to the beads and necklaces she chose for me.
I came out of the shopping center feeling marvellous. When I have gone on my own I feel dizzy, fatter than when I started and always despondent. Oh no, this is not the feeling I got with my new special friend!
Sarah REALLY cares and I can honestly say that the experience was well worth the money and time.
Every time I now go to my cupboard I feel confident that the stuff I have will not only look good but it will flatter me.
How can two simple words like thank you express my gratitude??……
Please accept my heartiest thanks and deep appreciation because after all women want to look good no matter their size or shape.
My love and blessings and hope you can empower many more women to feel as special as I do now!!
Raizel Fogel

My sister bought me a dressyu gift voucher over Christmas, to spend 2 hours shopping with Sarah. It was a great experience! Sarah is friendly, kind and has very good eye for detail when it comes to clothes shopping. She introduced me to new clothes brands that I hadn’t heard of before and showed me what’s most suitable for my body shape and type. I definitely recommend her services. Happy customer!

Thank you for such a lovely time today and for guiding me so well. You made clothes shopping a pleasure! I am thrilled with the beginnings of my new wardrobe, new clothes’ labels and new colours. Only wish I could take you on holiday to India with me! I will definitely pass on dressyu’s details to all my friends. Best wishes, Maggie.

Thanks for being so helpful! I LOVE the dress and I had a great experience. Also it was the perfect way to start my winter wardrobe. I definitely need to fill in those gaps you identified and keep building.

Hi Sarah! We all had a lovely time with you. Mum will be talking about her experience with you for years to come, as well as stepping out in style! All your great fashion tips, will be so valuable for mum in the future. As for having the clothes thrown on your head by mum in the changing rooms, I can only say, that’s mum for you! Such a sense of fun! You keep well too and I’ll be sure to keep in touch, with perhaps a few updates on how mum’s been wearing her new clothes. Chrissy x

I had a wardrobe bulging with clothes – many unworn. After my Wardrobe Remedy consultation with Sarah, my wardrobe was de-cluttered, organised and functional and I knew how to put it all together. Since then, I have been shopping with Sarah every season and I have actually saved money, since I no longer impulse buy or buy clothes that stay unworn with the tags still attached – and I can confidently step out in my new look.

Hello Sarah! Thanks for a fun day and for being so honest with me. You have shown me how and why to age stylishly. Can’t believe the stuff I used to wear before we met!  I love my new wardrobe and all those new colours you’ve introduced me to. I can’t wait to buy my summer wardrobe in a few months! Thank you.

THANKYOU! You have changed the way I see myself and I no longer dread getting dressed every morning. I have so much more confidence and everyone has noticed! I love being the talk of the playground, for good reasons now! See you again soon (definitely!)

I have shown my sister-in-law my new clothes and she thought they were very nice! I was able to advise her about her dilemma with a new dress she had just bought. She is now going to layer to get the desired effect. So I was pleased with my newly acquired knowledge that I could use.

Hi Sarah. It was lovely to meet you and I had a very enjoyable time – I should have found you 20 years ago! After our appointment I picked up my altered jeans (very stylish) a pair of leather gloves and knee-high black leather boots at Myers.  Andrew also likes the clothes we bought – and was very relieved that it all went so well. I’d love you to have 3 hours with him. I’m definitely saying farewell to my tracksuit pants after finding those comfortable jeans. Take care.

Sandra and I are really pleased with both the experience of the day and the results. The quality I detected in our correspondence was bourn out by her response to you – you ‘personableness’ and professionalism really put her at ease. Your quality advice and guidance has meant some excellent clothes being bought that will have her looking and feeling good for a long time. I suspect we may be contacting you again in the future. Thank you.

Hi Sarah. Thankyou! I am really pleased with what we achieved last week. I absolutely love all my jeans! I feel thinner and even taller in them. I got lots of compliments about them too. I wore the skinny jeans with the new tops and cardi over the weekend with scarves and bangles that I already had – I like how it looks. I feel like I understand what you mean about putting a complete look together. Thank you so much for everything. I will be in touch soon.

Hi Sarah! I think of you everyday as I open my wardrobe full of wonderful new clothes! I’m feeling fantastic and you’ve made getting dressed every morning fun again! And I LOVE my new Witchery coat!

After turning 40 I decided I wanted a new look and style. Sarah gave me the confidence to change and I bought clothes I would never have even tried on before.

As you know I wasn’t happy when Mum said she’d organised interview coaching with you. Ok I was wrong! It was the best thing I could have done. I felt so confident and prepared for both interviews. Yesterday I got offered the job I wanted so thankyou as I know I couldn’t have done it without your help.

Sarah started by sorting out my overflowing wardrobe which was really useful and helped me throw away load of things that I’d be keeping ‘just in case’. The next week we went shopping and Sarah helped me pick out clothes to give my wardrobe a new lease of life. I can now see everything in my wardrobe and I like what I see.

Thank you Sarah for all your guidance and advice last week. I honestly achieved everything I wanted from the appointment – you have helped me create a professional image that matches up with my promotion.

My wardrobe remedy with dressyu was the best 40th birthday present I could have bought myself! It was therapeutic, fun and I’m ready to face my 40’s with confidence. Thanks Sarah for all your patience and understanding (and I’m sorry for hiding the green coat you told me HAD to go – I promise I’ve got rid of it now!)

My daughter needed a dress for her formal and we’d tried everywhere in Brisbane. We flew to Melbourne to meet Sarah and within 2 hours Sarah had helped her choose a dress, shoes and accessories. A miracle worker! I recommend Sarah to any stressed parents!